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Best Time to Visit Big Bend

What is the Best Time of Year to visit Big Bend?

The answer depends on what you're looking for. Are you wanting ideal temperatures, solitude while visiting the trails, or epic StarGazing opportunities?

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall - What is the best season to visit Big Bend?

No matter what time of year you visit - StarStruck Glamping offers climate control. Reprieve from the elements in an insulated Geodesic Dome. Our A/C blows cold in the summer & the heat keeps you warm in the winter!


Winter in Big Bend is typically mild, pleasant & sunny during the day & quite cold at night. Although rare, freezing temperatures & light snowfall do occur.

Winter Holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas Breaks) are busy times. We recommend securing a reservation for these times in advance. Reserve your Winter Getaway with StarStruck Glamping here.

In high desert areas such as these, temperatures can easily swing 25-40 degrees from day to night. When packing for this trip make sure to bring layers! Don't forget your winter coat if you plan to stay out late & stargaze - you will need this to stay warm once the warming sun goes away for the evening.

At StarStruck Glamping you can cozy up next to the fire pit & use the provided blankets to keep warm while outdoors - the geodesic domes are heated & cooled too!

Winter Temps:


Max Temp Average (°F)

Min Temp Average (°F)










The temps may seem low, but with the heat of the sun, it is very comfortable! Once the warming sun sets for the night, the cold really sets in. Visitors should be prepared for any weather in the Winter. Temperatures vary from 80+ degrees F to below freezing.


Spring in Big Bend is characterized by pleasant sunny days ideal for exploring the great outdoors. It is the high season for the Greater Big Bend area. This means crowds & full parking lots at the most popular hikes & destinations, so be prepared to share the space.

When planning a Spring trip to Big Bend - especially during Spring Break (mid-March) it is advised to plan ahead!

Reserve your stay now at StarStruck Glamping, located 30 minutes North of the Entrance to Big Bend National Park, to ensure you have an amazing & comfortable place to stay during your visit.

Spring Temps:


Max Temp Average (°F)

Min Temp Average (°F)











Summer in Big Bend is characterized by HOT days & comfortable nights. This is the low season for the area, so if you are seeking solitude or comfortable stargazing - summer is the best season to visit.

You will easily find parking at the most popular hikes, & may even find trails that you have all to yourself in this large & beautiful park! Be sure to plan your hikes for early morning or late evening - it is NOT advised to hike during the peak heat of the day. Bring plenty of water & wear sun protection!

The park has some great swimming spots for cooling down in the Rio Grande River - the Hot Springs Trail & Boquillas Canyon are our favorite places to jump in the river & cool down!

If you are here for stargazing, the summer nights are very comfortable for laying out under the stars. Check out Meteor Shower dates & tips on stargazing visibility here. The Perseids Meteor Shower happens every August, & is one of the most popular Meteor showers all year!

Reserve your stay for the Perseids Meteor Shower with StarStruck Glamping so you can utilize the provided Telescope & have the absolute BEST views of the night sky.

Summer Meteor Showers:

June - June Bootids - Peak June 27th - New Moon

July - Southern Delta Aquariids - Peak July 30th - Waxing Crescent Moon

August - Perseids - Peak Aug 12th - Waning Gibbous Moon

Summer Temps:


Max Temp Average (°F)

Min Temp Average (°F)










Our A/C Blows cold in our insulated domes & can give you a great reprieve from the elements at StarStruck Glamping.


Fall in Big Bend is characterized by moderate temps & sunny days. The majority of cloudy days & precipitation in this area occur in Autumn.

As a shoulder season, Fall is a great time to visit Big Bend. Without major breaks, there are fewer crowds & manageable weather.

Although temps can reach mid 80's in the fall, there is a big difference from the arid climate to humid climates in how that feels. The temps are quite comfortable with some shade in the dry heat.

Fall Temps:


Max Temp Average (°F)

Min Temp Average (°F)










When staying with Starstruck Glamping you get the benefit of a climate-controlled space to retreat to on a hot day or cold evening. Fall visitors should be prepared for both hot and cold weather.

Special Tip:

Elevation is Everything.

Temps vary about 10 degrees from the lower elevation of the Rio Grande River to the Chisos Mountain Range. The higher you go in elevation - the lower the temps will be. Down by the river, temps will be 10 degrees higher than up in the mountains. If you are trying to escape the heat - head up to the Chisos Mountain Range. If you are looking for warmth, get to a lower elevation.

StarStruck Glamping is at a higher elevation than the Study Butte / Terlingua Ghosttown area - so our temps are typically 5-10 degrees lower than in the Terlingua Ghosttown.


What is your ideal time to visit?

Spring & Fall for moderate temps, Winter for great hiking weather, Summer for solitude & comfortable nights to stargaze?

When will you visit?

Be sure to reserve your stay in advance. We'd love to host you at StarStruck Glamping.

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